All That You Need To Know About Dogging

Did you know that in a construction project, dogging Adelaide, lifting and rigging are those steps where it is mandatory to have a license in order to do the job. For people who are specifically working a dogging job, the license that is required to have by them is known as the dogman ticket. There are certain conditions that must be met by the holder of dogman license which are as follows;

  • The techniques that are required by for slinging the load must be predetermined by the designated person.
  • The weights that must be carried should also be predetermined by the concerned authority.
  • The concerned authority must also communicate the condition of lifting gear beforehand.
  • The points that are to be used for carrying the weights should be marked beforehand.
  • The operator must be there when the loads are lifted by the dogman.
  • All the conditions and procedures that are to be met and followed should be documented and signed by the concerned authorities.

What to know about the Dogman Training?

The next thing which is often asked by the people is as to how long it takes for the dogman to be trained. Well, the dogman course is a mandatory requirement to be undertaken by all the people performing the job, however, the training isn’t that long and probably consists of a 5 day training at max. However, there are other certifications and courses available if you are looking for extensive and advanced training options too.

Content and Details of the Dogman Training that you should know about

Moving on towards what the training consist of, it is basically a 9 hour long session where everything that is required for the training is provided and performed on – site. One doesn’t have to go elsewhere in order to have the dogging work performed in the training session. As a result, the training session is a combination of both; theoretical as well as practical learning which is mandatory in all aspects. The charges for such a training may range from 1000$ to 1200$ for a single dogging course, but if you are looking forward to take a training session for both dogging and rigging together, then it may vary from 2000$ to 2200$. However, we recommend to start off with a single course at first. Click here to know more on rigging courses.

Renewing the Dogman License

Even though the license which is obtained after the training session lasts forever, it requires to be renewed after a specified time just like a driving license. The renewal period of every dogman license is to be done after every 5 years in order to be working as a dogman on site.